Infissi DiEffe
Our company offers solutions for renovations of hotels, cottages and hotel renovations: replacement of doors and windows with solutions of aluminum or wood/aluminum

Wednesday 12 August 2020 07:56

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Our services

Aluminum frames.
Aluminum / wood fixtures.
Shutters and security shutters; curtain and structural walls; closing and covering porches, terraces and conservatories.
Marketing PVC, wood and wood / aluminum window frames, blackout curtains, sun blinds, insect screens, venetian blinds, overhead doors, sectional doors, interior doors and wooden doors.

About us

DIEFFE was established in 1995 when Daniele Fagnani, after working for twenty years in this sector, decided to branch out on his own.
Our company is a craft-shop consolidated by the addition of young people, willing to learn a craft. The organisation is dedicated to production and to the technical design, which improves the production process with the addition of computerised control machinery and computer supports. This guarantees a modern design in line with the aesthetic demands expressed by private customers, sector experts, architects, engineers and construction companies.

Materials used in the fixtures production are the best found on the market: the profiles used for the realization of armoured and not armoured blinds offer a ten-year guarantee and they have a wide range of colours, ranging from RAL to musky colours, and every shades of wood.
The various series of profiles (Ponzio or Shüco), utilized for the production of fixtures, offer a wide choice of colors and types: from the cold cutting to the thermal cutting, with increasing attention to energy saving.

All these brands also ensure the creation of more complex types, such as curtain walls, structural facades, sliding fixtures and closures of verandas complete with coverage.



To visit our showroom, we recommend contacting Daniele at 3485261556...